2018 CAVA Summer Art Camp

Now is the time to register your child in the CAVA Summer Art Camp that will be held twice during the summer.  This will give you every opportunity to engage your child in the arts.  The first session will be held June 18th-June 22nd with two classes being offered each day of the week.  Classes will start at 10:30am-12: 30 pm for the first class and a lunch break between 12:30-1:00. The second class will run from 1:00pm-3:00pm.  Then in July, classes will be offered a second time from July 9th - 13th.  All classes are $50.00 each.  We will end each week with a small reception for family and friends to view the children's artwork on Friday, the last day of classes, from 5:30-6:30.

Check out the class descriptions below and register promptly!

June 18th-June 22nd

Morning classes:


1.           "Wire Sculpture and Paper Collage" with LaVetta Sherrill.  Here students will design and implement sculptures by bending the wire to show movement.  The completed project will be wrapped and then painted.  The second project will be a collage made of various types of paper.       Ages:  8-11

2.            "Clay Creations" with Jennifer Sasser.  Students will create their clay art piece using  "BEGINNER" " pinch, coil, and slab techniques.  Ages: 8-14.

3.           "Phunny Photos" with Noah Lindemann.   This class starts with a field trip to take pictures and then returning to create a "Phunny" photograph using digital photography on computers. Ages:  8-14.

4.            "Metalsum" with Dori Bunce.    This class will teach students to make items and characters from recycled materials..........using mostly metal objects, such as aluminum cans, wires, screws, washers, etc.  This upcycle class will also teach students the value of a clean environment.   Ages:  10-14. 

Afternoon classes:

1.              "Wire Sculpture and Paper Collage"  with LaVetta Sherrill.  Same as morning classes except for ages 11-14.

2.            "Making Bracelets" with Melissa  Roberts.  Making necklaces and bracelets with glass and plastic beads.  By securing them with wire and/or elastic, students will design their own jewelry. Ages:  10-14

3.            "Krazy Kites" with Noah Lindemann.  Students will design, draw and paint their own creations to make kites..... complete with a kite tail!  Ages 8-14.

4.            "Painting with Acrylic and Watercolor" with Cindy Wilson.  This class has students drawing, painting with acrylic on canvas, watercolor on paper and doing a couple of craft items in between.  Students will end the week with at least four, if not five, different projects.  Ages 10-14.

5.            "Clay Creations" with Jennifer Sasser.  Same as the morning class only for more ADVANCED students.  Ages:  8-14


July 9th - 13th

Morning classes       

1.            "Wire Sculpture and Paper Collage" with LaVetta Sherrill.  Same as June, ages 11-14.

2.            "Clay Creations" with Jennifer Sasser.  Same as June, beginners ages 8-11.

3.            "Phunny Photos" with Noah Lindemann.  Same as June, ages 8-14

4.            "Upcycled  Treasures" with Linda Tate.  Making a plywood based collage with natural and man-made recycled items.  Plus..... students will put together other projects and paint them.  Ages 8-14.

5.            "Metalsum" with Dori Bunce.  Same as June, ages 10-14.


Afternoon classes:

1.            "Painting with Acrylic and Watercolor" with Cindy Wilson.  Same as June, ages 10-14.

2.            "Making Bracelets" with Melissa Roberts.  Same as June, ages 10-14

3.            "Upcycled Treasures" with Linda Tate.  Same as morning class, ages 8-14.

4.            "Krazy Kites" with Noah Lindemann.  Same as June, ages:  8-14

5.            "Wire Art and Paper Collage" with LaVetta Sherrill.   Same as June, ages:  11-14

6.            "Clay Creations" with Jennifer Sasser.  Same as June for ADVANCED, ages 8-14


Contact:  Cindy Wilson
CAVA Education Committee
864-489-9560 or 864-491-663